Breeding Program

Norwegian Hill Farm breeds top premium KWPN foals out of top approved KWPN stallions.  We use only the best mares in our program, with excellent pedigrees, great temperaments, and quality conformation. Eash stallion/mare combination is carefully decided upon to assure the continuation and improvement of the great traits of our mares with the excellent attributes of the stallions they’re matched with.

We work with our foals on a daily basis, training them to have good ground manners so as to encourage safety around people.  We desensitize and imprint newborn foals, making them easier to train and teach them to trust people. This has profound and lasting effects as they age into well-mannered horses ready to be trained for their disciplines.

Our horses are placed on a top-quality feeding program to suit their level of work and/or needs.  We work with Merton Feed Company in supplying us with the best level of nutrition for all of our horses.  We are also growing our own alfalfa hay fields to make sure that we are feeding our horses the best mix of hay available.  All of our hay is organic, with no pesticides or herbicides used.  We also make sure that our horses are routinely vaccinated and de-wormed, given any needed supplements and/or medications, and provided with excellent farrier care every six weeks.

View our Broodmares below.